Minding The Keeper – Presidential Weekends (Published Mar. 6th, 2017; Palm Beach Post)

It is apparent Saturday is the day Bannon takes over our President.  Jared Kushner keeps Mr. Trump in line during the week and then tries to observe Shabbat in peace.  Not to be with Bannon then having the President’s ear.  I was not taken in by President Trump’s message to Congress last week.  I knew he would be back to his early morning Tweeting after Bannon’s input come the weekend.  This Tweet Time confirms all our worst fears about this President.  This Tweety Bird just showcases his paranoia and narcissism.  If ever a President needed the peace, calm and quiet of Camp David to reflect and plan, this one surely does.  But, again, not to be.  That would be too Presidential for Tweety Bird.

Trump – Truth Time Not Tee Time (Published Feb. 1st; Palm Beach Post)

The Leader of the Free World lied even about how many holes of golf he played on Monday.  I, for one, am tired of his lies.  Golf balls to nuclear weapons–nothing he says can be believed.  HE is the fake news carrier.  I say “carry on” to all the fine reporters trying to get to the real truth.

Paul Ryan – Yes Man (Published Jan. 26th, 2017; Palm Beach Post)

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Marco Rubio – He IS A Little Man (Published Jan. 27th, 2017; Palm Beach Post)

Never did I think I would be agreeing with something out of Donald J. Trump’s mouth.  Now, however, I agree with him that Marco Rubio is indeed “Little Marco”.  His endorsement of Rex Tillerson to become our Secretary of State shows how little he cares about the American people.  He cares only about his standing in the Republican Party.  He asked great questions of Mr. Tillerson, but all that did was make for great TV for a few moments.  When it came to the actual voting,  he remained a little man and all his prior concerns about Mr. Tillerson no longer troubled him.  His accountability to the people of The USA is no little matter.