Only His Hairdresser Knows For Sure

Each day the Leader of the Free World has a different color hair.  We go from yellow where you need sunglasses to look at him to the very nice champagne blonde topping him today.  Truly, have you noticed?  It is even nicely clipped today.  All for his trip to Mar a Lago I am sure.  I’m thinking his hairdresser does this on an almost daily basis while he sits in front of the TV.  What a picture of our Commander In Chief!  I sleep well at night knowing  President Trump is coloring his hair and watching TV.

Let’s Fade Out Fox News

Turn off Fox News from your set.  They deserve no viewers and now advertisers are coming to this conclusion also.  No apologies, no change in behavior from Fox.  Only huge settlements to quiet the disquieting  claims against Ailes and O’Reilly.  Bill O’Reilly needs to go and go NOW.  The current claim against him is nothing new.  This has been going on for some time, just as he pontificates and passes judgment on others.  He is a nasty man both on and off the air.  I say he should be fired so he can write another  military based book.  This time on Mike Flynn, a Fox News enthusiast I am sure.

Ivanka Trump – Working Girl

It took a bit over sixty days for Ivanka Trump to land her office in the West Wing and get security clearance.  She is unqualified to be there, plain and simple.  The fact that she keeps Trump away from his Twitter button at times does not make her material as his special assistant.   We see how well Jared has done so far and now we put Ivanka in the daily mix.  Just recall the look on Germany’s Ms Merkel’s face when she saw herself seated next to Ivanka at a meeting.  Ivanka wants to empower women but was on the ski slopes when millions were on the verge of losing health care.  Like her father she spouts initiatives and then leaves them in the dust and moves on to the next shiny object.  This time it is a cushy West Wing office where she can wield the power she has sought, even as she proclaimed she would be just a daughter.  Ivanka has done nothing for the women of this nation, especially poor women with children.  This is unethical and the American people deserve a qualified assistant to a President who already surrounds himself with the likes of Steve Bannon.

Mr. Trump – The Hungry Need Help

As our President goes to Mar a Lago many of our senior citizens and disabled persons face meal less days ahead.  A mean and sure sign of how the Republicans feel no empathy toward those in our society who need and rely on our help.  How much more can this administration take from us common folk.  The Meals On Wheels Program runs well on the good deeds of our citizens who care and who extend themselves to help.  Mr. Trump is not making us great again.  He is making many of our citizens hungry again.  Our needy are surely being “cut out” by this budget cut.  Feed the poor should resound across this land.

Censoring His (Trump’s) Tweets – Truth or Just Another Tweet (Published March 17th, 2017; Palm Beach Post)

Now our President is tweeting about North Korea just as without thought and due process as all his other tweets.  North Korea is much too critical to be tweeted about, especially by the President of the United States. Seems President Trump now wants to play war and sending our shadow Secretary of State to South Korea  exhibits an even more pronounced lack of diplomacy that may just finish the job.  President Trump, it has been proven, does not tell the truth and Mr. Tillerson, as we have seen, doesn’t speak at all, does not hold briefings and refuses to let the Press accompany him.  This is not leadership, nor is it diplomacy.  Therefore, oil and the selfish interests of these two men may just result in the war they are courting.

Minding The Keeper – Presidential Weekends (Published Mar. 6th, 2017; Palm Beach Post)

It is apparent Saturday is the day Bannon takes over our President.  Jared Kushner keeps Mr. Trump in line during the week and then tries to observe Shabbat in peace.  Not to be with Bannon then having the President’s ear.  I was not taken in by President Trump’s message to Congress last week.  I knew he would be back to his early morning Tweeting after Bannon’s input come the weekend.  This Tweet Time confirms all our worst fears about this President.  This Tweety Bird just showcases his paranoia and narcissism.  If ever a President needed the peace, calm and quiet of Camp David to reflect and plan, this one surely does.  But, again, not to be.  That would be too Presidential for Tweety Bird.

Trump – Truth Time Not Tee Time (Published Feb. 1st; Palm Beach Post)

The Leader of the Free World lied even about how many holes of golf he played on Monday.  I, for one, am tired of his lies.  Golf balls to nuclear weapons–nothing he says can be believed.  HE is the fake news carrier.  I say “carry on” to all the fine reporters trying to get to the real truth.