To All Chocolate Lovers

Will chocolate cake ever be the same for us?  Its creamy, dreamy taste in all forms is pure delight.  And so it appears that this was the euphoric feeling the Chinese Premier had as he dug into his piece of cake at Mar-a-Lago.  Oh, it tasted so good and, as Trump said publicly, it was like the best cake ever.  Wonder how many bites into it it took our Commander In Chief to disclose that bombing in Syria had commenced. Did the Premier choke?   Did he just have another piece of cake?  What was then discussed?  I see upon his return Xi issued a long dossier for the Chinese people on his discussions with Trump.  Our Press Secretary issued one paragraph.   It was productive it said.  We need more than that and just what Trump’s “bonding” with the Premier means to the American public.  Trump meets with these world leaders and we get no feed back.  Same goes with Kushner.  What went down on his visit to Iraq?  Only photo opportunities that I can see.  So, we have all these menu items but just what IS the dish being served to us?  No plans, no explanations and even the waiters (Trump staff) are dissolving before us.  “Let there be cake” !  Just not as bombs are being dropped.


Like A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

The perfect person to call out the CEO of United Airlines was on national TV today.  Who better than Chris Christie of Bridgegate to do so.  Absolutely perfect.  Both men’s actions on land, potentially in the air and over water are deplorable.  My Mom used the phrase “the pot calling the kettle black”.   There is Chris Christie passing judgment (although well deserved) on United’s CEO when Christie was integral in shutting down a whole town with his Bridgegate episode  (others involved  are now in prison.)  Two wrongs do not make a right and both of these men have sunk to new lows.  There is no bridging over these most UNFRIENDLY gaps in the treatment of United passengers and to those who traveled over the troubled waters of New Jersey.


Trump and Trump alone got himself elected in the world according to Trump.  Steve Bannon is not his brain force and Manafort was but a sidekick for a very short time.  Again, all this is according to Trump who uses people until they dim the light around him.  Now he is adding Vladimir Putin to this category.  Three very vindictive people they are.  They all have the goods on Trump.  Just what will they do with what they know?  Trump has said NATO was obsolete, and today he did his usual 360 degree turn and it is no longer obsolete.  (The rest of the world already knew that.)  So unlike Bannon input this stance on NATO is.  So unlike Trump’s campaign rhetoric.   The Trump axis is once again turning in yet another direction.  He now didn’t really know Putin and Bannon will have to fix his problems with Kushner himself.  My bet is on Kushner.  Family first in this administration.  In addition to the potential enemies above, Trump  will then have Bannon’s buddy Brietbart News in the mix.  Our world is tilting on its axis with Trump spinning the globe.  Hold your breath when your globe finger rests on North Korea, Russia and China.  The next axis turn by this President just may rock our world.

Peter Cottontail

Sure hoping Peter Cottontail makes it down the White House bunny trail.  With only a few days left, another White House endeavor may not come to fruition.  Large or small, this gang just can’t roll out a finished project.  The White House is laying yet another egg.  They can’t even get a group of grade school children together and hide some eggs on The White House Lawn.  Let Ivanka handle it all.  She surely can make this happen.  Heck, Daddy drops bombs for her.  The Easter Bunny surely she can handle.  Just ask her brother, Eric.  He will not hesitate to confirm Ivanka has Daddy’s ear on all matters from bunnies to bombs.  Hippity Hoppin’ Happy Easter Day as our golf-playing President is in Mar a Lago for a long Easter weekend.  Surely the American public is not on a roll of any kind under this president.





OLD SCHOOL, Bill O’Reilly’s family values book, should be pulled from The Best Seller List of Non-Fiction and placed in its correct category of complete fiction.  Pure rubbish.  Based on what we know so far of the author’s character, this book represents no values at all.   He even plugs it relentlessly on his program, where most advertisers have fled denouncing his behavior.  He is a disgrace and peddling this “touching” (ouch!) fictional book further puts him on The Losers List.


President Trump left Mar a Lago on Sunday and is returning this Thursday for another four day stay.  Our White House looks more haunted each day.  Just the figure of a tweeting tyrant remains.  The days of Obama and family life at our great white historic home are gone also.  Shadowy figures like Bannon having Trump’s ear late at night are the vibes we now get.  Trump does not want to stay there.  It simply is not gilded (my favorite Trump adjective) enough.  Melania is kicking and dragging her feet in every way possible to stay in her gilded New York tower.  I feel for Barron and, surely, he would like to remain in New York.  Did Trump move anything in except his Diet Coke  and Lay’s Potato Chips?   The White House is no longer a home.  It feels as strange as our country does.  There is no warmth and, I am sure, there will be no great garden sprouting this spring.  Regardless of political party, we all enjoyed having our President and his family live, love and laugh in our much loved White House.  It is a stone cold edifice now much like its sole occupant.


I nicely print my name as I enter my doctor and my dentist offices.  It appears a log in is not required upon entering The White House or Mar a Lago.  Did Representative Nunes sign in the night he picked up classified information?   This is in addition to the golf course outings where Our Golfer In Chief can have contact with any Tom, Dick and Harry.  Previous presidents adhered to the signing in process but this President will not have any of that.  Why?  Makes one wonder just who are the people coming to and going from The White House and the Trump weekend hangout  at Mar a Lago.  In this administration little things do matter.