The President And His Babysitter

So, our President has a General as a babysitter.  Is the reporting of the current duties of General Kelly acting more like Mother Superior supposed to make the American public feel at ease?  I find that this President needing this level of supervision just adds to the fact that Trump is incapable of being an effective president.  Sneaking phone calls to Bannon and other defrocked cohorts is teenage behavior.  Keeping the man focused by barring unnecessary intrusions is what parents do so their children study and do their homework.  Keeping the president focused by barring endless intrusions is Kelly’s task also.  What should the President read?  What should the President not read?  Has he spent the day with Fox News?  Not the usual duties for a Four-Star General, but these duties are warranted.  Our President is a spoiled child and needs looking after constantly.  Pathetic but true.  We thank General Kelley for his service and especially for his taking on the Chief of Staff position, even if it is Babysitting 101.  Someone has to do it.  Better it is done by an experienced, disciplined professional.  Putting up with tantrums and scolding by this President is not part of the General’s job.  He did not come to the stage when asked to by Trump in Missouri (YES!), so General Kelly will do what needs to be done.  Donald Trump learning from his man is another matter.  Donald J. Trump listening to the good advice from this man is not going to happen.   As General Kelly already knows, wars have been won far easier than dealing with the likes of Donald J. Trump.  Just look out for Jared, General Kelly.  The man is good at only one thing and that is having people fired.  Barring Jarvanka is grounds for banishment.  So far, it is Jared who has prevailed.  The war of chaos wages on in the Trump Administration.


Preacher, Politician, Pouncer 9/1/17

Preacher Pence is pouncing and in jeans at that!  Perfectly dressed, pitching in to help; putting arms around people; plying perfect words.  The preacher was in perfect form for pouncing as his wife broke out into singing  God Bless America.  She didn’t even have sun glasses on or high heels to boot.  It was a pounciful  presentation.  Pence is so so good at that.  I can see Trump now watching TV and seeing the Pouncer perform presidential.  Trump has no empathy and that is evident to everyone, especially the flood victims.   Narcissism and paranoia he does have and seeing Pence’s grand performance, he saw how it was surely better than his weak handshakes.  Here his Vice President’s star was shinier than his own.  He can’t have that, so I now await Trump’s next “gesture” toward caring.  The million dollar donation I will believe when, first, I see where the money comes from (an off shore account maybe!) and then I actually want to see the money handed over and to whom.  We all know how the Trump Foundation handled money.  I think the Trump kids could kick in too and not just blast the media as Eric, the Eradicator, did.  Now we need Preacher Pence to not pounce on his presidential ambitions.  We need him to loosen federal funds for the flood victims.  He has a tight-fisted record on that and would love to dump the responsibility on state and local government.  Practice what you preach, Preacher Pence, and pounce on plentiful funds for Texas.  Pounce when and where it counts, not just for your own self interests.  Then, when and if, you provide aid for those needing federal help, we can all join in and sing God Bless America.  Until I have positive proof that Pence will follow through for the good of the people of Texas,  I remain paranoid about Preacher Pence.

Burn Baby Burn 8/31/17

Have you heard any reports from Jared Kushner confirming what transpired during his recent trip to The Middle East?  Didn’t think so.  Have you heard what has happened to the millions the Saudis bequeathed on Ivanka Trump?  Didn’t think so. Sneaky little devils they are.  How Jared must have hated  his sister dearest soliciting the Chinese in her flashy fashion.  Selling visas; how tacky.  Kushy likes the more private enterprise like bank channels.  Even with all his titles and his push to get cohorts banished, we never hear from him.  Only when investigators rev up do we hear his weak, pitiful, lawyer- written responses.  Seems his 666 building in New York is bleeding money.  That was his pet project.  It is failing miserably.  Nothing like failure to project you to The West Wing.  So, why did he leave his cushy Kushy pad in New York to take on the position of juggler of all titles in The West Wing?  He isn’t even taking a salary.  What a guy!  Furthering his own interests with bountiful connections and not getting paid for it.  No wonder Daddy Trump wants him around.  No wonder Ivanka was smitten.  It certainly is not his zest for life.  The man is dead wood.  He also has a very bad memory.  But then, Daddy Trump does too.  The American people need a reckoning on just why Jared has so many titles and so little exposure to the American people.  We know he gets people fired, but that is about it.  What does he do?  Do you know?    We need reckoning also on the presidential whisperer, Ivanka.  Daddy is not listening, so what does that leave Ivanka to do?  I think skiing.  Where oh where are the Saudi millions?  I want to see where the money is and any disbursements made.  I am beyond hopeful now that both State and Federal agencies are looking at Jarvanka and Daddy Donny.  New York alone provides plenty of fuel to the fodder.  May all the Trump/Kushner schemes go up in flames along with all those useless Trump University diplomas.  The Trump trash heap is ready to be incinerated.  It will be toxic, but in a good way for the American public.   Burn, baby, Burn!

Help Wanted

Let’s get those Trump ladies working for good for a change.  Melania, Ivanka, and Tiffany get to work in Texas. .  You are desperately needed.  But, none of you has done anything to help out.  Travel to sunny Corpus Christi did not cut the mustard, Melania.  Do something!!!  You three have every means available to you to provide food and shelter in this time of need.  Look at all those apartment units you all own!  Look at all those empty mansions not being used.  Open your hearts and finally do something for the American people instead of bleeding us dry with your travel and useless endeavors to date.  Use your connections for providing essentials for the now thousands of homeless.  Get the people feed.  You can do that if you cared enough.  Get that water to them.  Get more cots.  Get on the phone to your A listers and get their help going.  You have done nothing so far during this disaster.  Now is the time to show the American people you are not entirely useless.  Pitch in.  Don’t just punch out for designer duds and fancy dinners.  Go to work for our flooded-out neighbors and go NOW.  I really don’t have much hope of this happening.  Stars of hope for The American people you are not.   The Lone Star in this devastation is actually the good and resilient people of the State of Texas.

What Really Counts

He praised himself on the crowd numbers.  He showed no empathy.  She wore stilettos and sun glasses and acted robotic.  She showed no empathy.  What a waste of time and energy the trip to Texas was.  Our president and first lady were stiff and underwhelming in every respect.  Just like health care being accomplished on the first day, Trump says rebounding from the Texas floods will be “immediate”.  He has no clue, nor is he inclined to get his hands dirty and actually pitch in and help out.  Melania in her high heels just looked pained through the whole visit.  She wants out and it is oh so evident.  And, where oh where were Ivanka and Kushy?  Is he still in The Middle East?  Who knows?  She could get her new Washingtonian friends that she frequents “hot” spots with to get to work in a “wet” spot where help is urgently needed.  Nope, she is never around in a crisis.  Our president was downright disgusting today mentioning the crowd size.  In fact, his behavior has been disgusting throughout this whole storm starting with the pardon of the sheriff from hell.  He has used our preoccupation with this disaster to just wreck further havoc instead of aiding those in need.  He has not consoled and has only connived.  He is no leader and he certainly can not be counted on to come through with financial aid.  In fact, just the opposite is what he will do to get his wall built.  So, today as he counted his crowd numbers instead of  supporting and aiding those ravaged by the floods, he again left us flat.  We know there is no strong and caring captain of our ship, The USA.  No, our boats are kept afloat by and for the good people of Texas and their National Guard.  God bless The Red Cross and The Salvation Army for heroic efforts.  Mutiny on the bayou is on the horizon unless this president gets the real work done to come to the physical and financial aid of flooded Texans.  So far, he is still adrift in his own overflowing narcissism.  The rest of us are drowning in it.

Stormy Weather

Harvey is not the only hurricane in our lives.  Trump has been a continuous surge of chaos, mayhem and downright injustice.  As a result, our depression is not tropical, it is tangible.  Trump runs the office of president with storms always on the horizon.  That can be guaranteed on a Friday night for sure!  Destruction everywhere.  We watched and we were warned.  Now he is as horrible in office as the majority of Americans feared.  Kelly can kick out the likes of Bannon and Gorka, but the root of the evil remains.  This week his change of personas could have brought all of us to our shrinks.  How does one deal with a lying president who changes sides each day–the teleprompter Trump and  then to the tyrant Trump.  He is the most uncaring president in history.  The fact that he is in Camp David this weekend with the hurricane destruction in Texas is deplorable.  The man just roams from place to place, golf course to golf course, and accomplishes nothing.  He surely needs to give the Secret Service a rest.  We all would like Trump to spend more time in The White House.  He wasted no time in issuing his first presidential pardon.  He will need the practice that’s for sure.  We are drowning under this president.  We are flooded by his lies and his deplorable actions.  I say the next hurricane coming forth from Washington DC should be called INSANITY.

Truth or Consequences

Attitude galore.  Condescending.  Downright nasty most of the time and  I now downright miss Spicey.  Listening to Sarah Huckabee Sanders is not pleasant, nor is it informative.  Does she not know that to answer questions is why she is at the podium.  She consistently cuts reporters off midstream and always answers in a nasty, why am I being bothered by this question tone.  She doesn’t even look the reporters in the eye as they ask questions and then responds in a terse couple of words.  She shuffles papers and looks down.  There is no real contact being made in any way, shape or form.  She is no “communicator”.  Retracting, clarifying and just plain speaking the truth IS her job description.  Being a nasty, uncommunicative witch is not.  I miss Spicey.  He had a heart.  I wish she would hide in the hedges and stay there.  Sanders totally has no sense of humor and is downright boring when she speaks.  She is not credible.  She does, though, portray this administration in their disdain for the press.  She doesn’t answer questions, pontificates much too often, and her condescending attitude makes her totally useless. Try really communicating, Sarah.  Come off your high horse and “Ride, Sarah, Ride” right along with the press.   Living under Trump is hard enough.  You have made it downright gloomy.  Lighten up, Sarah!  The truth will set you free.  Try it why don’t ya.