The Untouchable

Steve Bannon is never seen but always heard, mainly through banishments of other Trump staff.  He had his security clearance taken from him but still joins Trump in high level meetings.  So far, he is the untouchable staff member of the Trump administration.  We all know his alt-right doctrines and his aim of destroying our State Department.  He wants to privatize our armed forces.  He is a force of evil.  Still, he is removed from the Russian investigation and has not lawyered up.  He remains our “secret” president, wielding power and organizing staff wars.  I believe leaks to his Breitbart buddies are part of his agenda also.  His current enemy of the day is McMaster.  He certainly has made clear his desire to have him get the Trump heave-ho.  Bannon is fine playing his under-handed role in the White House.  He now knows better than to get more news coverage than his Donald.   McMaster is cleaning out Bannon’s dirty house of reprehensible characters, but Bannon remains.  Bannon even pulls his fangs out on Jar-Jar, the president’s pet, but sill Bannon remains.  Bannon and his alt-right have the “goods” on Trump and that Breitbart army will come to Bannon’s defense in no time flat.  Bannon is conducting yet another war within the White House Walls trying to take out McMaster.   This time he  may just shot himself in the foot.  If he takes on one General, he will be taking on three generals all fed up with his underhanded schemes.  Untouchable he has been up to now but I see his season coming to a close.  We will all be better for it when Bannon is the one finally banished.  Generals, do what needs to be done.

Cool Cat in Bedminster

The President high tailed it out of town.  He was not going to be hot in the White House.  There is no climate change going on says he, but days without air conditioning he cannot do, no matter what crisis may be at hand.  We have had record temperatures and record storms.  All this he ignores.  A few days without air conditioning though and runs to his mansion does he.  Many are suffering from the effects of climate change and it is only going to get worse as our president ignores all the facts.  Scientists warn and warn but Trump thinks only dollar signs.  Al Gore certainly found that out.  There is no negotiating on this point with Trump, but a little discomfort comes his way and he heads to cooler territory.  Well, Mr. President, we are all hot and getting hotter.  You have ignored every single issue that affects the American people from climate change to health care.  You are a disgrace and we are ashamed to have you as our president.  Climate change is real.  You are a phony.  Your transcribed calls to the Mexican president surely confirmed that.  New cooling and heating systems will be installed in the West Wing to keep you comfy and cozy as you watch Fox News and tweet and further deny the reality of climate change.  This is all par for the course, after all golf has been your main occupation, not passing legislation for the good of the American people.  Your course is the golf course not the course of scientific findings.  Your scores are low and going lower.  Our climate is changing drastically.  You, Mr. President, can run to your air conditioned mansion but the heat on you remains.  You may not be sweating like the rest of us for now, but change is in the air and, in this instance, I am not talking about climate change.  I hear Mr. Mueller’s office is quite hot also.




The Family Tree and Other Bananas

More Trumps!  More nepotism!  More inexperienced family members trying to run our country.  Melania and Lara are now joining the other  do-nothings in Trump’s inner circle.  Bannon must be loving that!  We know of his respect for women.   Melania is attending the opium crisis briefing.  Married to a bully, she certainly can not crusade on that platform.  I thought Jar-Jar was going to handle that all by himself, just like peace in The Middle East.  Melania, find and do your own thing and be your own person instead of being your husband’s puppet.  This opium thing is out of your league and certainly your expertise.  Leave it to the professionals.  How about you work for children in need?  Get those lunches back they so desperately need.  Help their problems with literacy.  Telling a story will not do it.  Go, do something useful, Melania.  Attending a briefing in a mansion about something you know nothing about does not cut it.  That brings me to Lara, Eric’s wife.  Trump TV is her venue and it is a whole lot like Russian TV.  She waxes poetic over Daddy In Law and skips entirely over his lack of any accomplishments.  The TV venture is more like state-run TV and it hopes to brainwash as many people as possible.  So, we add Lara to the mix of misfits in the would-be royal family “trying” to take over our minds, our hearts and our country.  No more Trumps, please!  We did not elect them and we do not want them in our faces.  They could do so much good but they prefer to just pocket money anywhere and anyhow.  We can turn off Trump TV.  Melania will slink back to her designers.  Jar Jar will be busy with lawyers and testifying.  Don Jr is already banished.  Eric can have his little tantrums and then go off and manage the golf courses where members are suing for fees due to them.  Ivanka will continue to whine about how hard it is in Washington as she continues to do nothing.  Yep, that is the menagerie  of Trumps before us.  Daddy Trump plays golf, takes extended vacations and tweets on the very dangerous topic of North Korea.  Those Trumps don’t fall far from the Trump Tree.  Useless fruit all of them.

The Lazy Crazy Days of Donald Trump’s Summer

Certainly on day 200 of his reign finding Donald Trump at one of his golf course properties is no surprise.  The golfer-in-chief is keeping this title in tact, even as he has  accomplished nothing in the Oval Office.  Seventeen days he will be “working” from his New Jersey golf club.  To start he has played golf and visited the paying guests at his golf club.  Not to worry.  Pounce Pence is pouncing on every opportunity to be our next president.  Ever the perfect specimen of the Republican party, he always plays the “Trump” card to perfection and to his own advantage.  We all know, however, just what he is about.  Distance from Trump and distance from that messy Russian problem takes Pence to far off journeys.  It is working.  He looks more presidential that our golfer in New Jersey.  This is very dangerous to the preacher Vice President.  No one out-trumps Trump.  This scenario we will watch unfold in the days ahead.  I think you will find Pence’s penchant for pouncing will be very much punctuated by Donald Trump.  Donald Trump has seventeen days on his own.  This is new territory for us.  It surely does make me apprehensive.   He is capable of anything and, with too much time on his hands, August can become hotter than ever before.  Are his children with him in New Jersey?   If so, they can then all meet with their lawyers.  Bannon will stay in Washington and try to get Stephen Miller in as the next communications director.  Bannon slowly but surely is getting his alt-righters in all the key positions.  It is news that General Kelly now conducts staff meetings in The Roosevelt Room without TV’s on!  It is news that the Oval Office door is closed to anyone who now wants to waltz in and out.  It is news that Ivanka and Jared can not take up the President’s time with their agendas.  That this is news and that this is what a Four-Star General has to spend his time on is downright pathetic.  So, here we are at the 200 day mark of President Trump and it is a sorry sight, both domestically and internationally.  We have a President who is un-presidential.  A Vice President who acts presidential.  We have an unofficial president in Bannon.  We have dead bodies of fired staff everywhere.  New appointees look scarier than those fired.  We have a Special Council looking into voter hacking and worse.  We have inexperienced and lying family members playing at politics.  We have a health insurance debacle with no solution beneficial to the American people in sight.  We have no commitment to climate change.  Our State Department is sorely understaffed.  Our country isn’t having much of a vacation.  Neither is Bob Mueller and his staff.  We will continue to work, as will Mueller and the press to get our world back.   “It’s a Grand Night for Singing” though as those Grand Juries get busy.   May you think about that, Mr. President, during your many days off.

Just One of the Boys

The foul language used by Scaramucci offended Melania and Ivanka.  However, the locker room language of Donald J. Trump does not offend them.  In fact, both women went on record with their boys will be boys stance. Those two are Trump’s puppets, nothing more.  Trump’s language is every bit as degrading as that of Scaramucci.  Both, with the front of foul language, also espouse violence.  Both will always be the locker room boys, even in the White House.  Oh, but it was so, so easy to get rid of the Mooch.  Getting rid of the other locker room boy is more complicated, but not too complicated for Bob Mueller.  Most of Mueller’s staff is following the money trail and may already have in their hands a sampling of Trump tax returns.  Trump is using his foul mouth and vile behavior to try to get Mueller out.  This is not the Trump Organization he is heading now where his every whim is gospel.  The law of the land prevails over Mr. Trump and the eyes of the whole country are upon him watching his every move.  He can talk his foul talk but his language and his lies only better frame our view of this President.  He is, was, and always will be just a locker room boy; presidential, never.


She has her nerve!  Working along side a do-nothing daughter is not what John  Kelly has  in mind as Chief of Staff in the Trump Administration.  Please, may General Kelly not let Ivanka keep the exposure in the West Wing she has had to date.  The same also goes for husband, Jared.  In fact, Jared has been instrumental in so many bad decisions, he should be the first one dropped from the appointment list.  He was the one that wanted Priebus gone and Scaramucci in.  That alone should banish him to New York.  Also, how about Kelly making sure the Kushner security clearances are in order.  All those classified meetings they attend should be curtailed immediately.  Jared and Ivanka must report to Kelly and not work along side him.  We all already know how Jared contributed to some of the most devastating decisions of this administration such as firing Comey.  In Ivanka’s case, Trump just pretends to listen to and then does just what he wants.  Their liberal voices are muffled completely and that is why they were in the West Wing in the first place.  We have long known they are not the voice of reason as they presented themselves.  Along side will not work and it has not worked to date.  Ivanka and Jared, get out your calendars now and check with the Chief of Staff to see if your presence is required in the White House.  You drove Reince to distraction.  We look forward to your continuing your spoiled behavior in the face of the General.  May the intelligent, organized, experienced party prevail.

The General Is Now The Babysitter

Our job and the job of White House staff is to take care of HIM!  No way.  Donald J. Trump was elected, not with the majority of votes may I remind you, to take care of us.  Not the other way around.  Six months into this administration, care for him is all that is being done.  No legislation that works for the American people has he initiated.  We are sick of taking care of him.  We are sick of Trump fattening his wallet unethically using his properties.  We are sick of his 2020 campaign funds going to his lawyers.  We are sick to death of his hanger-on children.  All they do is whine.  Well, they do go to meetings too, some they shouldn’t have.  Daddy took care of that and wrote an “excuse” for sonny boy.  Taking care of Donald J. Trump is now the job of the whole country, of his family and of his whole administration.  No president should put the country through that.  The man needs to be babysat daily with his twitter hands tied behind his back.  Can John Kelly do this?  I say nope; no one can.  This man has acted like this all his life.  He answered to no one and he is not about to now.  Will Steve Bannon wait in line to see his locker room buddy?  Bannon will have banished anyone in his way.  Will Jarvanka make an appointment to see Daddy Dearest when waltzing in is their right as “the children”?  General Kelly will try; however, those in that famous “inner circle” are a chip off the old black, they obey no one.  General Kelly thinks he will take care of the schedule when in reality he will have to be “on” this man relentlessly to try to keep him in line.  Can you envision that?  Wars have been conducted easier than that.  We are stuck with taking care of this baby president as he takes care of no one but himself.  I say put him to bed!