Where’s The Money!

He will not discuss human rights but he will discuss big bucks at the NATO meeting.  He will praise and bow to Arabs and then bring no firm American commitment to NATO.  Trump is a disgrace here at home and abroad he is even worse.  I’d like him to button his suit jacket (please!) and button his mouth, both overflowing but not in a good way.  He further acted like a buffoon when he pushed one of the NATO members aside to place himself up front for picture taking.  Who is next, Angela Merkel?  Maybe brushing aside her handshake was not enough for him.  The man belongs in Trump Tower and no where else where he can cause damage to the American people.  Theresa May surely took him on today, firmly and honestly on security issues.  So much so that Trump’s sidekick T Rex, sorry Rex T, has been dispatched to London.  The Leading Ladies of Europe are doing just fine on taking Trump on.  Angela Merkel also got her immigration point across on her “walls” statement.  This president has insulted almost everyone included on this trip, from the Pope to NATO, except, of course, The Arabs.  Now he’s comin’ back to the US.  Are you ready?  Who is next to be fired and/or insulted by this man.  Then again, if the news keeps coming as it has, maybe, just maybe, we citizens will get to fire him.

When Snow Falls In Hell

It’s the day after the fight at the political corral in Montana.  May the snow falling in May in Montana snuff out the hot head Republican politician endorsed by Trump.  If this interaction so inflamed the GOP candidate, what would the actual duties of the office do to him.  I would shutter in the Montana spring snow just thinking about it.  The bigger weather report, however, is the ever increasing storm of  violence in this country since our President started the “throw him out” rhetoric at his rallies.  Trump has increasingly tried (as all tyrants do) to make the Press the enemy.  Where would we be without the Press and all the information they have provided to us, the American public, in just the first 125 days of the Trump administration.  The reporter was doing his job and trying to get an answer to a question on the current disastrous health bill.  Don’t we all want questions answered in this regard.  Will we all ultimately be shut down when we question politicians.  Trump encouraged this type of aggressive behavior from the get-go of his campaign.  Our Press remains FREE and one day, please God, we will be free from the likes of Donald J. Trump.  Until then, horrendous leadership spreading its dangerous conditions, continues to dominate our landscape.

The Pope and The President

My Catholic faith came shining through today in the person of Pope Francis.  He did the best he could with what he had to work with, namely the Trump entourage.  Certainly Trump trashed the Pope during his election campaign.   Mr. Trump’s stance on neglecting the poor, not standing up for human rights, his immigration policies and negation  of climate change certainly didn’t add to the luster of the occasion.  President Trump labeled the Pope as “really something”, nothing close to the praises heaped upon Putin.  The visit went as we all expected but the pictures said it all. The Pope knows, and his face reflected this, that Trump will continue on his own misguided journey.  It was so appropriate that the Pope gifted our President with his encyclical on climate change.  It goes into incapable hands and on deaf ears and the world knows it, but the Pope surely tried to get his message across.  The Pope met in peace and good will but recognizes a lost cause when he sees one.  The Pope really is “something” and so, so much more.  I can’t say that about Donald J. Trump.

The Gang of Thugs

Our President has just added another name to the list of thugs he admires, the President of the Philippines.  Duterte is a murderer, pure and simple.  Our President says the Pope is “something” and yet loads accolades on this tyrant.  Trump puts him way up there with Putin and Kim Jong un.  He must love their silencing techniques.  Trump is a wanna-be tyrant, but all his efforts to date to muzzle people have failed.  Our constitution is winning over the Trump Triage, at least in this area.  The information is flowing; it is not leaking.  Hence, our President has lawyered up.  His cohorts should follow suit (no pun intended!).  Trump has put our country in a tailspin of lies, cover ups, and collusion.  Nothing positive has been accomplished and now our President will be spending all his time with his lawyers.  But, then, Bannon has been running things anyway.  He can step up and move ahead with his plans to destroy the government as we now know it. Our country and our constitution are NOT The Trump Organization.  Truth and justice will overcome this current assault on our democracy.  I hope, with the little or no health insurance we will have under Trump’s Plan, we have the stamina to keep fighting.

Malarkey From Mulvaney

Feed the children, Mr. Mulvaney!  How can you live with the budget cuts you are pushing that take food out of our children’s mouths.  Along with that you are taking their health care, especially care for those with special needs.  As Michelle Obama so well put it, “What is wrong with you!”.  You so represent the Trump Administration in that you are worried about saving tax dollars for the top 1% in our country while our children go hungry.  How about using the money we pay for Trump’s golf outings and for the security for a wife who refuses to move into The White House to help the poor.  How many hotel rooms did we pay for when Trump needed an army to accompany him on his trip abroad.  Then, we pay more money when he sends some cronies home a few days after arrival.  So many mouths could be fed on these examples alone of where the money is misspent.  The top 1% is capable of helping our poor and our needy without feeling the slightest pinch.  They and you just do not want to provide aid to those in need.  Feed our children, Mr. Mulvaney, and our poor.  Instead, you feed only the bank accounts of the top 1% and this you call compassionate!

“It’s Not So Easy”

Two very important issues have now resulted in President Trump using the words, “It’s not so easy”.  The first utterance was in regard to his failed health care plan.  Oh so easy though it was on the campaign trail to denounce Obama Care at every turn.  All based on nothing.  He had no plan and Ryan then went to work on the worst one in history.  No, President Trump, it is not easy.  Nor, is it easy to bring peace to The Middle East as our President has added this to his not easy list.  I thought Jared Kushner was going to handle that.  I read of no meaningful meetings of Kushner with the Israeli delegation.  Maybe he is just more comfortable conversing with Russians!  It is not easy either living under the Trump Threesome of Donald J., Jared and Ivanka.  However, they are quite good at accomplishing nothing.  That they do find easy.

Towering Inferno

Melania Trump wants no part of this trip abroad, and she manifests that at every step along the way.  I think she should just have stayed in her haven in Trump Tower.  She is stiff and silent with her ever-present sunglasses.  No warmth, no real interest.  Just worried about keeping her hair in place.  May she just stay in her tower in the future.  I still do not see her living in The White House and functioning full time as our First Lady.  It is not in her.  She married  Donald J. Trump, financial tycoon, not Donald J. Trump, President.   She clearly is dragging and kicking away from all duties and responsibilities as First Lady.  Can you see her cultivating the White House garden?  I think not.  We do not need her passive aggressive behavior toward her husband and her duties in our face every day.  We already have enough division in this country largely caused by her husband.  Continue to hide out in your tower, Melania.  You are interested in Melania only and in no way are interested in being the First Lady of The United States of America.  You can hide AND you can run.  Please do.