So Long, Sean

Sean, you will be missed.  We got frustrated with you but deep down we all know you are a decent man.  A decent man in this administration doesn’t have a chance.  Sean, why are you staying on?  Fly, fly away, right away.  Maybe you can take a vacation to Rome and see the Pope.  Yes, the visit denied you by Donald J. Trump, knowing how firm you are in your Catholic faith.  You made us mad.  You made us hunger for more information, but you did the best you could for a most impossible boss.  The great communicator, Trump, never communicated with his communications office only to communicate his displeasure.  No hiding in the bushes.  No SNL, although you were a good sport.  You had a wonderful career that you can be proud of and you will again.  Sean, no doubt, you will go right to heaven after spending time in Trump hell.  We wish you well.