The Family Tree and Other Bananas

More Trumps!  More nepotism!  More inexperienced family members trying to run our country.  Melania and Lara are now joining the other  do-nothings in Trump’s inner circle.  Bannon must be loving that!  We know of his respect for women.   Melania is attending the opium crisis briefing.  Married to a bully, she certainly can not crusade on that platform.  I thought Jar-Jar was going to handle that all by himself, just like peace in The Middle East.  Melania, find and do your own thing and be your own person instead of being your husband’s puppet.  This opium thing is out of your league and certainly your expertise.  Leave it to the professionals.  How about you work for children in need?  Get those lunches back they so desperately need.  Help their problems with literacy.  Telling a story will not do it.  Go, do something useful, Melania.  Attending a briefing in a mansion about something you know nothing about does not cut it.  That brings me to Lara, Eric’s wife.  Trump TV is her venue and it is a whole lot like Russian TV.  She waxes poetic over Daddy In Law and skips entirely over his lack of any accomplishments.  The TV venture is more like state-run TV and it hopes to brainwash as many people as possible.  So, we add Lara to the mix of misfits in the would-be royal family “trying” to take over our minds, our hearts and our country.  No more Trumps, please!  We did not elect them and we do not want them in our faces.  They could do so much good but they prefer to just pocket money anywhere and anyhow.  We can turn off Trump TV.  Melania will slink back to her designers.  Jar Jar will be busy with lawyers and testifying.  Don Jr is already banished.  Eric can have his little tantrums and then go off and manage the golf courses where members are suing for fees due to them.  Ivanka will continue to whine about how hard it is in Washington as she continues to do nothing.  Yep, that is the menagerie  of Trumps before us.  Daddy Trump plays golf, takes extended vacations and tweets on the very dangerous topic of North Korea.  Those Trumps don’t fall far from the Trump Tree.  Useless fruit all of them.


She has her nerve!  Working along side a do-nothing daughter is not what John  Kelly has  in mind as Chief of Staff in the Trump Administration.  Please, may General Kelly not let Ivanka keep the exposure in the West Wing she has had to date.  The same also goes for husband, Jared.  In fact, Jared has been instrumental in so many bad decisions, he should be the first one dropped from the appointment list.  He was the one that wanted Priebus gone and Scaramucci in.  That alone should banish him to New York.  Also, how about Kelly making sure the Kushner security clearances are in order.  All those classified meetings they attend should be curtailed immediately.  Jared and Ivanka must report to Kelly and not work along side him.  We all already know how Jared contributed to some of the most devastating decisions of this administration such as firing Comey.  In Ivanka’s case, Trump just pretends to listen to and then does just what he wants.  Their liberal voices are muffled completely and that is why they were in the West Wing in the first place.  We have long known they are not the voice of reason as they presented themselves.  Along side will not work and it has not worked to date.  Ivanka and Jared, get out your calendars now and check with the Chief of Staff to see if your presence is required in the White House.  You drove Reince to distraction.  We look forward to your continuing your spoiled behavior in the face of the General.  May the intelligent, organized, experienced party prevail.


Why is it that the Trumps can not count?  Are they lying or just plain stupid?  Both I’d say.  Our president still can not correctly count the number of those that voted for him. How about that miscount of people attending his inauguration.  He can’t even count his own money correctly.  He certainly did not count correctly the number of American people who would protest against him the day after he took office.  All this miscounting and his tenure just started.  Since then, he miscounted the reaction to his health plan.  He miscounted the numbers protesting his immigration plan and miscounted mightily just how long it would take him to get anything done.  I know he is miscounting those watching his Russian “conversations”.  Six months in now and nothing positive to be counted.  We have lots of lawyers but no legislation.  So it goes with Don Jr.  He can’t even count the number of people in a room.  Actually he couldn’t even count the meeting itself.  Chip off the old block he is.  Well now he can start to count the number of times he has to testify before various committees on this meeting he never counted.  Jared we know doesn’t count but loves to hit the “send” button long before be discloses 100 plus meetings that should have been disclosed on his security forms.  He can’t even count the number of jobs Daddy In Law  has given him; but, neither can we at this point. Now it remains to be seen how much he can count on Daddy In Law to help him out of the mess he got himself into. I think Eric just counts golf balls and dead animals.  He probably hides those numbers anyway.  He does, however, give lots of numbers like the percentage of the Trump’s organization doing business with Russia.  He counted that right.  Daddy’s stooges had to go into overdrive recounting that count.  Ivanka counts on her good advice to Daddy; none of which he has taken.  Just ask Al Gore.  She counts her outfits, probably pretty good at that.  She counts her brands too, mostly as she is having dinner with foreign leaders.  Counting her downtrodden clothing employees in China—–no way.  What we can count on is that she will go skiing any time the heat is on in Washington.  The American people can count on only one thing; you cannot count on Donald J. Trump or his family.

Time Will Tell

This TIME cover is not fake.  It is the real deal.  It is not Big Daddy Trump, star of The Apprentice.  It is Don Jr with the caption “Red Handed”.  Not a pretty sight and the accompanying article will make your stomach churn.  This is not fake news.  The documents are in public view to support this.  It is sickening but it is also sad.  Our President loves to use the word “SAD” at the end of his tweets when he is bashing a person.  He has tweeted about his son but has not used the word sad in those tweets.  No, he attacks others.  His usual response to negative press.  Donald J. Trump should be the one who is sad.  Sad that his son did not have the moral strength to do the right thing and say no to this meeting instead of responding “I’d love it”.  This TIME cover will not be framed and hung in the halls of Trump properties.  No indeed.  Be very careful, Mr President, what you wish for.  Time will have its own way of covering things.

No Fancy Labels Required

I am wondering when Melania is going to do something as a real First Lady other than dressing.  She is looking good, no doubt about it.  The handbags alone could ease lots of hunger.  She is the picture of perfection as our nation looks shabbier and shabbier.  Coats that cost what it takes many a year to earn, make her look good and the rest of us just feel cold, a lot of times literally.  Just like her husband’s TV watching and tweeting, choosing these ensembles, in addition to big, big bucks, takes up a lot of time.  Every item is coordinated.  It is a time-consuming endeavor.  I have had my full of it and she has only just recently taken on residing in The White House.  I know of nothing she has done.  She resides but that is all.  Other than designers, maids and make-up artists, what kind of staff has she motivated to do something–anything.  That wonderful White House Garden  could have been cultivated  but it has never been mentioned by her.  Is she doing any outreach.  Lots of that could be done right in DC.  No word on that.  Trump uses his hotels to entertain, so she is not doing that either.  If she does not want to be First Lady, hightail it back to the tower.  Dressing well but doing nothing has her looking as bad as Donald, who has accomplished nothing either.  I’d like to send you both back to the tower, but I am stuck with one of you.  Melania, free yourself from duties you never wanted to take on or put the peddle to the medal and start doing something.  Your bully pulpit has bit the dust due to your husband’s own actions.  Find something.  Get dressed for work.  Get your hands dirty.  Maybe take at look at Jimmy and Roslyn Carter for guidance.  Only when you do something, again anything, for the American public will you be first lady  of the land.  Clothes do not cut into the fabric of our lives but charity and speaking up for the poor and sick does.  Try the volunteer label.  It is not fancy but it is fulfilling.

The Out of Towners

They are off again!  When the going gets tough, they hightail it out of town.  This has become the way it is for the Trump family.  Daddy Donny first ran to France.  He could run but he could not hide from the questions about his son.  Now, instead of heading back to Washington, he is headed to his golf club in New Jersey.  He, though, is ever ready to sign the new health care bill.  Pen is in hand; his presence to work on it is not.  I in no want want to see this bill passed but it is the president’s job to help push legislation through.  Instead, he is having steak with ketchup  out of the loop in his safe place.  The American public does not have a safe place due to Donald J. Trump and his catastrophic presidency.  Play with your little golf balls, Donnie, you are not out of range by the press.

While you lied in France, your daughter and Jared, Prince of Politics, were enjoying themselves in Sun Valley.  Seems there is no longer any trust no matter where Jared and Ivanka go or what family friendly bow you put on it.  But, of course, the health care bill is once again in hot pursuit by the Republicans; so, of course, you and Ivanka run for the woods, literally.   Always out of town when you could be of some use.  Your track record is outstandingly atrocious.  You do nothing and never show up when needed.  Daddy Donnie is not happy about this.  His pen is ready and you skipped town.  Maybe you just forgot, Jared; you forget so many important meetings.  Ivanka, the torch bearer for women’s rights, skied her little heart out.  That really helps out the women across this land.

Ski on and drive on Mr President and Mr President’s oh so Special Assistant.  The American public is keeping score.  I see only losers.

Who Is Minding The Children?

The children are just driving me crazy today.  First, Donny Boy, and now I see Vankie had been trolling around Moscow some time back.  Seems Ivanka was out girl-scouting sites for the Moscow Trump Tower.  Is there no end to her talents?  She can manufacture shoes and handbags and make sure Daddy’s Russian hotel is on prime real estate.  I don’t recall her saying much about that when she goes on about how essential she is to Daddy.  She and brother, Donny, were in charge of this Russian venture when, darn, Obama sank their boat, I mean tower.  The Russian money dropped like a tank with those Obama sanctions and  Trump Moscow was abandoned.  Kind of reminds me of Trump and Atlantic City.  No wonder Obama is blamed for everything.  He certainly put a stop to Trump’s name right up there by Red Square.  Vankie then had to find other things to do and the West Wing office came calling.  We just flit to whatever is “red” hot at the moment.

Jar-Jar gets to go along too and today I read that Jared of all trades was in The Pentagon with Bannon a few days back.  Like Vankie, no end to where he will stick his nose next.  It does not matter that he knows nothing about the military.  He and Bannon were there to make a pitch.  Privatize the Army in Afganistan they are pitching.  AND, they want to put it in the hands of Betsy DeVoss’ brother, Erik Prince, a loose cannon for sure.  May General Mathis handle this as it should be handled by closing the Pentagon to all of those questionable characters.

We have the terrible twos going on here.  Eric was probably out big game hunting as all this is going on.  We are sick of putting up with them and  they are detrimental in every respect to the integrity of our government.

Jared, Ivanka and Donald you need to go back to the tower and stay there, at least until you have to appear in court, before congress and before Bob Mueller.