The Love Shack

He lies and lies.  On top of that, he feels qualified to judge the character of Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump Jr  can not handle himself and he is judging others.  No way!  What criteria was he using to judge Hillary Clinton’s qualification for being president?  We hope not by the lack of same his father exhibits.  We all know what he was up to in that meeting with the Russians.  It was about adoptions.  Daddy said so and so did Sonny Boy, back then any way.  Now the story has changed again and now the memory lapses are more pronounced.  The testimony Don Jr gave should have been under oath and before the American public.  The way it went down was a total waste of time, just as Jared’s was.  Did you love the covert way of just getting Don Jr into the building to testify?  Does that not scream something to hide!  He has been well coached by his lawyers.  He has hidden from us.  He has lied.  He has changed his story numerous times.  The money trail does not lie and Mr Mueller is following that ever so closely.  Donald Jr is no judge of any thing or any one.  The pot calling the kettle black is Donald Trump Jr being arrogant enough to judge Hillary Clinton.  Donald J. Trump has lead his three adult children down a money path that will do them all in.  You so plotted for the “goods”  on Hillary.  That information has already come back to haunt you.  The plot is now thickening around you “judge” Trump and the rest of your family.  You so “loved” having information on Hillary.  Bet you are not feeling the love now!  That Trump Tower is no Love Shack these days.


New York, New York

“Hello, it’s me”!  There she goes again interrupting yet another high level meeting.  Ivanka Trump we can do without in our government.  Go back to your clothing and accessories lines.  Stop interrupting meetings that already are unproductive enough.  Know your limits, Ivanka, as the rest of American already does.  You have the arrogance of your father, but you do nothing where you stand on your own.  You offer no substance on any of your stances, especially in regard to women’s issues.  You have not whispered in Daddy’s ear and affected change.  Your accomplishments are zero.  You do not represent any segment of the female population and none of us can relate to you.  You do not care I know.  It is all for show and you and JarJar thought you would come off as the most royal of couples in Washington DC.  Well, it didn’t work in New York and it surely is not working in DC.  I think you should start packing as the one year lease on your mansion is coming up for renewal.  Lots of people protesting in front of your digs for the Dreamers, but you guys just ignore it all.  Your New York safe haven high in the sky awaits your return as does most of America.  Those Republicans you interrupt in meetings will help you pack. Go, be a part of New York, New York, and leave the rest of us alone.  You still won’t be A #1 top of the heap, but you will be out of our hair.  Wake up in the city that doesn’t sleep where they are too tired to notice you.  I can’t wait to start spreading the news that you are leaving today!

Love Story, Trump Style

Do you feel the love?  I think not.   Anguish and pain is what most Americans feel.  Donald J. Trump sits and speaks of love for the Dreamers as he shatters their hopes and dreams  What a cowardly liar he is.  We expect it now and that is exactly what we get.  He continues to destroy our country and what our country was built upon–immigrants.  He is man of no vision and certainly no heart.  The man wants a wall at any cost.  More than a wall he wants to “win” something, anything at this point and at any cost.  Congress has six months to work on this.  That is laughable.  Just take a look at their record on health care.  Seven years and nothing agreed upon.  We are living under a mean, nasty administration, most of whom are as toxic as our president.  No, we do not feel the love at all, Mr. President, neither from you nor for you.   The Dreamers are hurting.  Their families are hurting.  The economy will be hurting.  Most of all, the hearts and souls of good people are hurting.  This is, by no means, love.  Donald  J. Trump knows nothing of what love means.  Never has.  Never will.  I take comfort only in knowing that Mr. Trump may one day feel what deportation feels like.  The day Mr. Mueller lets lose on his findings on Mr. Trump and his money trail.  There will be no love lost there.  I see subpoenas, not sonnets of love.

Dream On

No where to run to.  No where to hide.  But he is hiding.  Where is Trump on  this DACA decision day.  Where is he on his big decision?  Where is the great deal maker that makes things happen?  What is the status of promises made?  No where in public is Trump.  Jeff Sessions gets to do the dirty work and the follow through falls to Congress.  Trump is a coward and a wimp.  No way do I want this Dreamers Program to end, but Trump hiding and not actually announcing his own decision is deplorable, his usual behavior.  He never owns up to his own actions.  He just passes responsibility to Congress.  I pray this Program is upheld.  I pray these young people are given the chance to live and flourish in the USA.  I have no hope in the Republican Congress to come to the aid of the Dreamers.  I have no hope for this congress or for this administration when it comes to human rights.  Just look to see where we are headed!  What group will be next to have their rights ripped away?  The coward just Tweets.  This man is, simply put, a mess.  He is a detriment to democracy and the thought that our future is in his hands is frightening.  He is losing his inner circle of good buddies, his support system.  He is lost without them, pathetically so.  Not the markings of a strong man with firm principles.  When and if Keith Schiller, his buddy-in-chief leaves, I say it will be all out chaos as we have never seen.  I believe Trump will kick Kelly to the curb.  Jarvanka “likes” Schiller, not so much Kelly who has curtailed their Oval Office intrusions.  Again, we are faced with a week of big decisions and White House turnover.  Again, all this chaos, infighting, and even threats from North Korea seem like business as usual under Trump.  Under Trump there will be no Dreamers left in America, whether American parents or not.  Only nightmares persist under Donald J. Trump.

The Falling Leaves

August was a bust on every level, from weather to weapons.  All under the leadership, or lack thereof most certainly, from Donald J. Trump.  We now find ourselves laboring on Labor Day.  Laboring to find a bright spot on the horizon.  We have North Korea, and the mixed signals the Trump Administration gives, climate change and the inherent disasters while the Trump Organization ignores our fate, escalating violence all over the USA incited by this president and his rhetoric.  In addition, we have the longest, anxiety-filled weekend endured by those fearing Trump and his new DACA doctrine.  It has been no holiday, nor has there been since Trump took office.  He has stripped us bare  and still the tax man cometh in the form of Trump’s tax bill.  No mistake about it.  Only the top 1% and billion dollar companies (like Trump’s) will reap the benefits.  The labor force trying to make it through will not gain anything.  Trump just plain lied about that.  Our summer of discontent has come to an end.  We are no better in any way since Trump took over.  We are worse.  We have violence we have not seen in decades.  Climate change has lowered its heavy hand upon us and North Korea is launching missiles.  Can we make it through Fall under this president?  Fall may now have more meaning than season change.  We are falling on our faces and our principles under Donald J. Trump.  It is toxic fall-out that we experiencing, not the beauties of autumn.  A long, cold winter is on the horizon.  I don’t see Donald J. Trump keeping us warm and secure.  Get your coats and hats ready.  Baby, it is gonna be cold outside.

The President And His Babysitter

So, our President has a General as a babysitter.  Is the reporting of the current duties of General Kelly acting more like Mother Superior supposed to make the American public feel at ease?  I find that this President needing this level of supervision just adds to the fact that Trump is incapable of being an effective president.  Sneaking phone calls to Bannon and other defrocked cohorts is teenage behavior.  Keeping the man focused by barring unnecessary intrusions is what parents do so their children study and do their homework.  Keeping the president focused by barring endless intrusions is Kelly’s task also.  What should the President read?  What should the President not read?  Has he spent the day with Fox News?  Not the usual duties for a Four-Star General, but these duties are warranted.  Our President is a spoiled child and needs looking after constantly.  Pathetic but true.  We thank General Kelley for his service and especially for his taking on the Chief of Staff position, even if it is Babysitting 101.  Someone has to do it.  Better it is done by an experienced, disciplined professional.  Putting up with tantrums and scolding by this President is not part of the General’s job.  He did not come to the stage when asked to by Trump in Missouri (YES!), so General Kelly will do what needs to be done.  Donald Trump learning from his man is another matter.  Donald J. Trump listening to the good advice from this man is not going to happen.   As General Kelly already knows, wars have been won far easier than dealing with the likes of Donald J. Trump.  Just look out for Jared, General Kelly.  The man is good at only one thing and that is having people fired.  Barring Jarvanka is grounds for banishment.  So far, it is Jared who has prevailed.  The war of chaos wages on in the Trump Administration.

Preacher, Politician, Pouncer 9/1/17

Preacher Pence is pouncing and in jeans at that!  Perfectly dressed, pitching in to help; putting arms around people; plying perfect words.  The preacher was in perfect form for pouncing as his wife broke out into singing  God Bless America.  She didn’t even have sun glasses on or high heels to boot.  It was a pounciful  presentation.  Pence is so so good at that.  I can see Trump now watching TV and seeing the Pouncer perform presidential.  Trump has no empathy and that is evident to everyone, especially the flood victims.   Narcissism and paranoia he does have and seeing Pence’s grand performance, he saw how it was surely better than his weak handshakes.  Here his Vice President’s star was shinier than his own.  He can’t have that, so I now await Trump’s next “gesture” toward caring.  The million dollar donation I will believe when, first, I see where the money comes from (an off shore account maybe!) and then I actually want to see the money handed over and to whom.  We all know how the Trump Foundation handled money.  I think the Trump kids could kick in too and not just blast the media as Eric, the Eradicator, did.  Now we need Preacher Pence to not pounce on his presidential ambitions.  We need him to loosen federal funds for the flood victims.  He has a tight-fisted record on that and would love to dump the responsibility on state and local government.  Practice what you preach, Preacher Pence, and pounce on plentiful funds for Texas.  Pounce when and where it counts, not just for your own self interests.  Then, when and if, you provide aid for those needing federal help, we can all join in and sing God Bless America.  Until I have positive proof that Pence will follow through for the good of the people of Texas,  I remain paranoid about Preacher Pence.