Table For One

Donald J. Trump what are you up to this weekend?  You were such a horrendously bad boy this week that I think you are just hiding out on us.  One might think that you are ashamed of yourself for the blatant support of racism you portrayed in your speech this week.  No, you are too narcissistic for that.  Steve Bannon was already on his way out when you made your “on both sides” proclamation, and the blame for your fiasco before the Press lies directly with you.  You are now cowardly out of sight, your usual behavior after your many fiascoes.   You are still our tweeter in chief, even in hiding, but even they are weak for you–like the half -hearted wishes for your buddy Bannon.  As reported many times, you have no friends.  Now you do not even have an inner circle.  They are all gone except Pence, who can’t wait to pounce on the presidency, Jared, who is on shaky ground in many areas and, last but not least, the presidential-whisperer Ivanka who is never around when needed.  Now you can not even tux up and get Melania out of hiding also to attend The Kennedy Center Awards.  No one wants you there, most of all the honorees.  Are you feeling the disgrace yet?  Are you mortified that you surrounded yourself with the likes of Steve Bannon?  Are you even dismayed that you are now confirmed as a racist?  Of course you are not.  You are incapable of self introspection; you just blame others.  You are running out of people to blame.  Next it will be Jared and Ivanka and we can not have that, even though they are both useless.  You have squandered any support you have had with your fellow Republicans.  Bannon is quickly going to alienate your base and the rest of the country already can not stand the sight of you.  I say you resign and live at Mar-a-Lago until all the litigation catches up with you.  The place will be empty as all those who have the moral fiber you lack have already cancelled their events there.  I’d like to see Kelly kick Miller, Stone and Gorka to the curb too, and I think he will.  Then, Donnie, it is just you and your fellow Republicans and Jarvanka.  Then, we will see if your wall gets built and your immigration plans come to fruition.  I’d say at this point you should plan on camping out at  Mar-A-Lago as a party of one for immediate future.  No reservations required.  Only racist bullies allowed entrance.


It’s a typical Friday in the Trump administration–it is freaky.  Guess we are supposed to forget everything over the weekend.  Not to be, especially with the protest rallies scheduled for this weekend.  Everyone will be on high alert and will forget nothing that has transpired in this past week.  Bannon outshone the Trumpster and he was not having it.  Trump cares nothing about the “isms” Bannon promotes.  Trump cared deeply about the TIME cover and the recent book, Dervil’s Bargain, with Bannon as the brains behind the brawn.  That is what got Bannon booted.  Trump must have the limelight at all times and Bannon was eclipsing him.  Trump, we know, can not abide that.  Knowing that, sonny boy, Jared, jumped at this opportunity to get yet another staff member fired.  That really is all that Jared does.  Now Jared’s camp is the only one left standing.  He has gotten rid of Reince’s and now Bannon’s.  Jared never thinks ahead.  He gets caught up on that wonderful feeling of canning people.  I say Bannon goes right for Jared’s jugular.  No one gets to control Bannon now.  He is a weapon of mass destruction in his own right with the backing of Breitbart.  Jared can run on various vacations but he can not hide from Bannon.  Bannon stayed away the money issues.  Jared didn’t.  Bannon played to the Trump base.  Jared is tearing Trump away from his base.  Most of all, Bannon is smart; Jared isn’t.  Trump is a man left with a few generals who are mainstream Republicans and, of course, Jared and Ivanka who do and accomplish nothing.  Even as we endure another freaky Friday, we all inherently know nothing will change.  All the bricks are scattered and the foundation is anchored by weak, narcissistic, racist  Donald Trump.  This is no reset for Trump as the Republicans will now say.  The man has not changed with three wives, hundreds of law suits, and  poll numbers in the toilet.  Nothing will change until Donald J. Trump is no longer the President of the United States.

There’s The Door

Our president is incapable of leading our country.  Moreover, his family is even more pathetic as part of this administration.  Every single time Ivanka was needed to be the moderate voice she said she would be, she was off on vacation.  Every single time!  She knows when Daddy is going off the rails and she hightails it out of town with Jared in tow.  Jared is a hanger-on.  He is given a whole host of duties and titles and  just smirks his way through meetings where be contributes nothing.  Representing us in the upcoming trip to The Middle East is reprehensible.  Maybe instead of being Vermont, he could be doing some prep work.  Our president is deplorable in every way and so is the family he thrusts upon us.  Nothing has been accomplished by any of them except to promote their own private interests.  Now, we find our president has again betrayed us with his protection of neo-nazis and hate mongers in Charlottesville.  The man needs to vacate The Oval Office for good and soon!  He also refuses to cancel his rally in Arizona.  These are instruments for his self gratification while riling up people for all the wrong reasons.  Donald J. Trump has forfeited his right to be our leader.  He can call himself president, for now at least, but he is no leader and is increasingly isolated in his demented thinking.  The Republicans must stand up to him.  They must condemn him on every level.  Donald J. Trump has no soul and with the likes of Bannon, Roger Stone, Gorka, and the base core of his supporters he is destroying our country.   Monuments of Civil War military who fought FOR slavery, he tweets and protects.  The good, decent people of our country he cares nothing about and certainly is unwilling to protect them.  This man needs to get out of town for good.  Now he has decided that the bicycle rack in DC put up in  the Obama Administration must come down.  He is as mean on a small issue such as this as he is on our life and death issues.  Donald J. Trump needs to get in his golf cart and ride out of our lives for good.  Better now than the day he faces all the charges Bob Mueller and his staff will have amassed against him.  They can redecorate The Oval Office all they want.  They can put a military general at his door.  They can put a spin on his vile behavior on Fox News.  None of that changes the man.  Neither does the man want to change.  Donald J. Trump is unfit for office.  He is too narcissistic to even be aware how vile he speaks and acts.  We cringe when he takes to the podium.  We yell at our TV’s when he speaks.  His tweets drive us to tantrums.  We have had enough.  Donald J. Trump resign now, while you still have that option.

The Torches of Hatred

“On many sides” now should be the slogan on those Trump red caps.  That represents Trump and his base.  Violence is what they are all about.  Trump tried to blame the violence on many sides but we saw what  we saw.  His gang of haters were the violent ones.  His support of them all during his campaign and through these miserable seven months of his presidency added the fuel to their tiki torches.  He showed them the way and Bannon gave him the words to reinforce it; until, two days later when he read his flat, heartless speech that left us all stunned at his indifference and uncaring position on this violence.  He mouthed meaningless words that no one took as his true position.  On many sides this president is destroying our country.  On many issues he is tearing us apart in our own land.  Internationally, again on many sides, he has destroyed our standing in the world.  Mr. Trump should have no more rallies–ever!  They are responsible for fueling the violence.  They accomplish nothing good for America.  It is a love fest for Trump that results in hatred of the minorities across our land.  Every congressman on both sides of the aisle should have vehemently condemned the president on his dismal statement after the Charlottesville violence.  Our government has let it down.  It took late night comedians to put Trump in his place.  Donald J. Trump has no place as our leader for he leads not and is simply a narcissistic bully.  His bully buddy Bannon loved all this.  Bannon knows too much about this President and his family.  Yes, he should be out of The White House; but, knowledge is power, and he will stay.  Our President is too weak and afraid to take Bannon on.  I would love to be wrong on this, but internal exile is all Bannon will experience.  He holds all the goods and he has powerful allies.  Our only hope is Mueller.  We still have him and his work to hopefully set us free from the evil “on many sides” that is Donald J. Trump.

Let’s Talk Bully to Bully

To what lengths will he go to side track the Special Council’s probe of him and his campaign staff?  For the third day in a row, Mr. Trump has threatened war with North Korea.  I believe the two issues are closely linked.  How better to completely change the focus of the news.  The fact that millions are in jeopardy is of no consequence to him.  What a weak and ineffective president he is.  He can not even control himself and he wants to put us in danger of nuclear war.  Kim Jong Un is the perfect ying to his yang.  Bully to bully they play with innocent lives and care nothing about it.  Even oil man Rex Tillerson showed some humanity in telling us to sleep well.  Not so Mr. Trump.  The only show of feeling was in complimenting his daughter, Ivanka, on her great work.  Show us!  What has she done to be singled out so when our diplomatic forces are thrown out of Russia and Mr. Trump thanks Putin for that.  No, I no longer want to hear about Ivanka when our nation could be at the brink of war.  We know how Daddy provided space in Trump Tower for her new clothing venue.  That is precisely where she belongs, not in the West Wing of The White House and not in our face when Trump is threatening North Korea.  These current threats to North Korea, above all the other scenarios Mr. Trump has come up to change the focus of the news, border on insanity.  He panders to Putin and pulls away from our allies.  I believe he thinks he can send up a few bombs as he did in Syria and then proclaim some kind of victory for himself.  The whole world knows that that will not work.  Only Mr Trump with fire and fury and locked and loaded rhetoric believes he can play with nuclear war.  Mr. Trump sits like a fat cat with his adoring, mum, Vice President at his side in a vacation spot, and puts the whole world on nuclear alert.  He, himself, is the real time bomb.  We, the people, are the victims.  Some one please shut him up.  He is playing bully where the results will be catastrophic.  He likes that his staff fights over his attention.  Well, Mr. Trump, you now have Kim Jong Un’s total attention and it is not love he is feeling.  Will we all make it through this horrible, frightening presidential vacation?  I also believe Mr. Trump feels more empowered when congress is out of session and when he is in one of his very own properties.  It bolsters him to be in his own surroundings.  He feels his kingship there but he is too stupid to realize that his towers to his own glory will crumble just like the rest of Kim Jong Un’s targets.

The Wheels of the Bus Go Round and Round

We are investigating something that never took place!  The lying words of our President.  We have a special council, grand juries and FBI raids.  All this means something very real is happening regarding something very serious that has happened.  Trump has placed some distance between himself and Mr. Manafort.  Just another one under the Trump bus.  Manafort has lots of company there.  Looks like Mr. Manafort did not cooperate with Mr. Mueller’s requests for certain documents.  Mr. Mueller wasted no time in his quest to get those documents.  Following the money he is.  Now, we get to see Flynn and Manafort pitted against one another. This is a giant step forward.  Thank you, Mr. Muller.  Carry on.  Today, Donald Trump called Manafort a “good man”.  He also called Flynn a “good man”.  He is surrounded by the likes of Bannon, Roger Stone, and the despicable Gorka.  His assessment of a good man is way off the rails, as is his assessment of himself.  Waiting for the next Trump bus is Mitch McConnell.  This time he won’t be on the bus but under it.  He is now blamed for every Trump legislative failure.  Trump sat on his butt through all these legislative processes, except for that stupid Rose Garden fiasco with the Republican House Members.  All his failures are McConnell’s fault.  We all see the routine here.  Trump is the master of the blame game.  He does no wrong.  However, we are stuck with him as our bus driver in chief.  He can run over whomever he pleases.  With Trump, his bus drives the blame upon everyone else.  The buck never stops with him.   Who knows where the Trump bus of blame is headed after stomping on McConnell.  Jeff Sessions had the bus fairies (Republicans) help keep him on board the bus.  Will they again have to step in and save yet another Republican?  The Trump bus is out of control, stopping only at the stations marked chaos, turmoil, and belittling.  I can’t wait until Bus Trump is totally out of commission.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

So, how are you liking the working vacation so far?  Is it hot enough for you?  Do you feel rested, safe and secure?  We all have the same answer—NO!  This president can not be left alone.  He is surrounded in Bedminister by the weakest members of his team.  All yes men or yes Daddy.  Tweeting trash with crossed arms, his favorite bully pose, is no way to respond to Kim Jong Un.  Previous presidents have all known this and acted accordingly.  Not this president.  He has unleashed fear that no knows no bounds here at home and abroad.  Why?   Because he is a stupid bully and incapable of leading this country.  He is the master of chaos, however, and uses that as a weapon too when he chooses, mainly when the Russian probe gets closer to home.  Trump can not control himself and neither can any one else.  He now has Jared, Ivanka,  and Kellyanne in his midst in Bedminister.   They are a great help with his “how I spent my summer vacation” chronicles.  He has put the world at further risk with his big mouth and his little brain.  I give Rex Tillerson until Christmas to keep putting out these fires.  Tillerson’s greatest threat to his endeavors as Secretary of State is his own boss.  Trump should not be let loose this long.  It is too dangerous.  We don’t want him in the White House but he is more lethal out of it.  We are only a few days into this vacation and havoc reigns.  Trump loves to threaten everyone, from golf club members to Kim Jong Un.  We are now on bully to bully status, with millions of people at risk because of the egos of two very reckless men.  Maybe it is better for all of us if Trump just plays golf.  Dealing with nuclear power is way out of his league.  This presidential vacation is downright frightening.  Loose lips sink ships and now very possibly launch rocket missiles.  Mr. Trump, your vacation is hazardous.  Time on your hands means more tweet time for you.  Read that “happy” brief you have requested making up good news for you to read twice daily.  Maybe you do not drink, Mr. President, but I surely needed a stiff one after your “fire and fury” stance.  Never did I think I wanted you back in Washington but this vacation is no respite for the American people.  Just headr John Kelly IS with the President.  He had no clue as to Trump’s fire and fury threat.  Yikes, make it a double…