The Love Shack

He lies and lies.  On top of that, he feels qualified to judge the character of Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump Jr  can not handle himself and he is judging others.  No way!  What criteria was he using to judge Hillary Clinton’s qualification for being president?  We hope not by the lack of same his father exhibits.  We all know what he was up to in that meeting with the Russians.  It was about adoptions.  Daddy said so and so did Sonny Boy, back then any way.  Now the story has changed again and now the memory lapses are more pronounced.  The testimony Don Jr gave should have been under oath and before the American public.  The way it went down was a total waste of time, just as Jared’s was.  Did you love the covert way of just getting Don Jr into the building to testify?  Does that not scream something to hide!  He has been well coached by his lawyers.  He has hidden from us.  He has lied.  He has changed his story numerous times.  The money trail does not lie and Mr Mueller is following that ever so closely.  Donald Jr is no judge of any thing or any one.  The pot calling the kettle black is Donald Trump Jr being arrogant enough to judge Hillary Clinton.  Donald J. Trump has lead his three adult children down a money path that will do them all in.  You so plotted for the “goods”  on Hillary.  That information has already come back to haunt you.  The plot is now thickening around you “judge” Trump and the rest of your family.  You so “loved” having information on Hillary.  Bet you are not feeling the love now!  That Trump Tower is no Love Shack these days.


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