New York, New York

“Hello, it’s me”!  There she goes again interrupting yet another high level meeting.  Ivanka Trump we can do without in our government.  Go back to your clothing and accessories lines.  Stop interrupting meetings that already are unproductive enough.  Know your limits, Ivanka, as the rest of American already does.  You have the arrogance of your father, but you do nothing where you stand on your own.  You offer no substance on any of your stances, especially in regard to women’s issues.  You have not whispered in Daddy’s ear and affected change.  Your accomplishments are zero.  You do not represent any segment of the female population and none of us can relate to you.  You do not care I know.  It is all for show and you and JarJar thought you would come off as the most royal of couples in Washington DC.  Well, it didn’t work in New York and it surely is not working in DC.  I think you should start packing as the one year lease on your mansion is coming up for renewal.  Lots of people protesting in front of your digs for the Dreamers, but you guys just ignore it all.  Your New York safe haven high in the sky awaits your return as does most of America.  Those Republicans you interrupt in meetings will help you pack. Go, be a part of New York, New York, and leave the rest of us alone.  You still won’t be A #1 top of the heap, but you will be out of our hair.  Wake up in the city that doesn’t sleep where they are too tired to notice you.  I can’t wait to start spreading the news that you are leaving today!


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