Love Story, Trump Style

Do you feel the love?  I think not.   Anguish and pain is what most Americans feel.  Donald J. Trump sits and speaks of love for the Dreamers as he shatters their hopes and dreams  What a cowardly liar he is.  We expect it now and that is exactly what we get.  He continues to destroy our country and what our country was built upon–immigrants.  He is man of no vision and certainly no heart.  The man wants a wall at any cost.  More than a wall he wants to “win” something, anything at this point and at any cost.  Congress has six months to work on this.  That is laughable.  Just take a look at their record on health care.  Seven years and nothing agreed upon.  We are living under a mean, nasty administration, most of whom are as toxic as our president.  No, we do not feel the love at all, Mr. President, neither from you nor for you.   The Dreamers are hurting.  Their families are hurting.  The economy will be hurting.  Most of all, the hearts and souls of good people are hurting.  This is, by no means, love.  Donald  J. Trump knows nothing of what love means.  Never has.  Never will.  I take comfort only in knowing that Mr. Trump may one day feel what deportation feels like.  The day Mr. Mueller lets lose on his findings on Mr. Trump and his money trail.  There will be no love lost there.  I see subpoenas, not sonnets of love.


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