Dream On

No where to run to.  No where to hide.  But he is hiding.  Where is Trump on  this DACA decision day.  Where is he on his big decision?  Where is the great deal maker that makes things happen?  What is the status of promises made?  No where in public is Trump.  Jeff Sessions gets to do the dirty work and the follow through falls to Congress.  Trump is a coward and a wimp.  No way do I want this Dreamers Program to end, but Trump hiding and not actually announcing his own decision is deplorable, his usual behavior.  He never owns up to his own actions.  He just passes responsibility to Congress.  I pray this Program is upheld.  I pray these young people are given the chance to live and flourish in the USA.  I have no hope in the Republican Congress to come to the aid of the Dreamers.  I have no hope for this congress or for this administration when it comes to human rights.  Just look to see where we are headed!  What group will be next to have their rights ripped away?  The coward just Tweets.  This man is, simply put, a mess.  He is a detriment to democracy and the thought that our future is in his hands is frightening.  He is losing his inner circle of good buddies, his support system.  He is lost without them, pathetically so.  Not the markings of a strong man with firm principles.  When and if Keith Schiller, his buddy-in-chief leaves, I say it will be all out chaos as we have never seen.  I believe Trump will kick Kelly to the curb.  Jarvanka “likes” Schiller, not so much Kelly who has curtailed their Oval Office intrusions.  Again, we are faced with a week of big decisions and White House turnover.  Again, all this chaos, infighting, and even threats from North Korea seem like business as usual under Trump.  Under Trump there will be no Dreamers left in America, whether American parents or not.  Only nightmares persist under Donald J. Trump.


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