The Falling Leaves

August was a bust on every level, from weather to weapons.  All under the leadership, or lack thereof most certainly, from Donald J. Trump.  We now find ourselves laboring on Labor Day.  Laboring to find a bright spot on the horizon.  We have North Korea, and the mixed signals the Trump Administration gives, climate change and the inherent disasters while the Trump Organization ignores our fate, escalating violence all over the USA incited by this president and his rhetoric.  In addition, we have the longest, anxiety-filled weekend endured by those fearing Trump and his new DACA doctrine.  It has been no holiday, nor has there been since Trump took office.  He has stripped us bare  and still the tax man cometh in the form of Trump’s tax bill.  No mistake about it.  Only the top 1% and billion dollar companies (like Trump’s) will reap the benefits.  The labor force trying to make it through will not gain anything.  Trump just plain lied about that.  Our summer of discontent has come to an end.  We are no better in any way since Trump took over.  We are worse.  We have violence we have not seen in decades.  Climate change has lowered its heavy hand upon us and North Korea is launching missiles.  Can we make it through Fall under this president?  Fall may now have more meaning than season change.  We are falling on our faces and our principles under Donald J. Trump.  It is toxic fall-out that we experiencing, not the beauties of autumn.  A long, cold winter is on the horizon.  I don’t see Donald J. Trump keeping us warm and secure.  Get your coats and hats ready.  Baby, it is gonna be cold outside.


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