Muddy Waters

Where are they when they are needed?  I haven’t seen a thing of any one of them this post-flood week.  When it is party time, they all show up in their fancy duds.  In this time of need in Texas, Ivanka, Jared, Don Jr and Eric are no where to be found.  Melania shows up, changes outfits, shoes and hats and smiles pretty, sometimes.  These are able-bodied young people.  They were on the campaign trail enough.  Why not get to work to help the flood victims.  Haven’t heard they contributed anything either.  Also, what about that million Daddy promised?  Have you seen the beef?  Don’t think so.  What a waste this family is as it consumes every available federal dollar and gives nothing, absolutely nothing, in return.  Nope, they are never around when needed.  Useless human beings all.  We got along before we met ’em and we’ll get along without them now.  If they aren’t Trumping up money for themselves, they are no where to be found.  The flood victims need help from every source, especially those able to fund large projects.  Help will not come from the Trumps.  The flood waters raged.  For the Trumps, it was business as usual in the fattening of their own pockets.  Around the corner is ski season.  Then we will know where to find them.


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