Let’s Talk Bully to Bully

To what lengths will he go to side track the Special Council’s probe of him and his campaign staff?  For the third day in a row, Mr. Trump has threatened war with North Korea.  I believe the two issues are closely linked.  How better to completely change the focus of the news.  The fact that millions are in jeopardy is of no consequence to him.  What a weak and ineffective president he is.  He can not even control himself and he wants to put us in danger of nuclear war.  Kim Jong Un is the perfect ying to his yang.  Bully to bully they play with innocent lives and care nothing about it.  Even oil man Rex Tillerson showed some humanity in telling us to sleep well.  Not so Mr. Trump.  The only show of feeling was in complimenting his daughter, Ivanka, on her great work.  Show us!  What has she done to be singled out so when our diplomatic forces are thrown out of Russia and Mr. Trump thanks Putin for that.  No, I no longer want to hear about Ivanka when our nation could be at the brink of war.  We know how Daddy provided space in Trump Tower for her new clothing venue.  That is precisely where she belongs, not in the West Wing of The White House and not in our face when Trump is threatening North Korea.  These current threats to North Korea, above all the other scenarios Mr. Trump has come up to change the focus of the news, border on insanity.  He panders to Putin and pulls away from our allies.  I believe he thinks he can send up a few bombs as he did in Syria and then proclaim some kind of victory for himself.  The whole world knows that that will not work.  Only Mr Trump with fire and fury and locked and loaded rhetoric believes he can play with nuclear war.  Mr. Trump sits like a fat cat with his adoring, mum, Vice President at his side in a vacation spot, and puts the whole world on nuclear alert.  He, himself, is the real time bomb.  We, the people, are the victims.  Some one please shut him up.  He is playing bully where the results will be catastrophic.  He likes that his staff fights over his attention.  Well, Mr. Trump, you now have Kim Jong Un’s total attention and it is not love he is feeling.  Will we all make it through this horrible, frightening presidential vacation?  I also believe Mr. Trump feels more empowered when congress is out of session and when he is in one of his very own properties.  It bolsters him to be in his own surroundings.  He feels his kingship there but he is too stupid to realize that his towers to his own glory will crumble just like the rest of Kim Jong Un’s targets.


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