The Wheels of the Bus Go Round and Round

We are investigating something that never took place!  The lying words of our President.  We have a special council, grand juries and FBI raids.  All this means something very real is happening regarding something very serious that has happened.  Trump has placed some distance between himself and Mr. Manafort.  Just another one under the Trump bus.  Manafort has lots of company there.  Looks like Mr. Manafort did not cooperate with Mr. Mueller’s requests for certain documents.  Mr. Mueller wasted no time in his quest to get those documents.  Following the money he is.  Now, we get to see Flynn and Manafort pitted against one another. This is a giant step forward.  Thank you, Mr. Muller.  Carry on.  Today, Donald Trump called Manafort a “good man”.  He also called Flynn a “good man”.  He is surrounded by the likes of Bannon, Roger Stone, and the despicable Gorka.  His assessment of a good man is way off the rails, as is his assessment of himself.  Waiting for the next Trump bus is Mitch McConnell.  This time he won’t be on the bus but under it.  He is now blamed for every Trump legislative failure.  Trump sat on his butt through all these legislative processes, except for that stupid Rose Garden fiasco with the Republican House Members.  All his failures are McConnell’s fault.  We all see the routine here.  Trump is the master of the blame game.  He does no wrong.  However, we are stuck with him as our bus driver in chief.  He can run over whomever he pleases.  With Trump, his bus drives the blame upon everyone else.  The buck never stops with him.   Who knows where the Trump bus of blame is headed after stomping on McConnell.  Jeff Sessions had the bus fairies (Republicans) help keep him on board the bus.  Will they again have to step in and save yet another Republican?  The Trump bus is out of control, stopping only at the stations marked chaos, turmoil, and belittling.  I can’t wait until Bus Trump is totally out of commission.


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