The Untouchable

Steve Bannon is never seen but always heard, mainly through banishments of other Trump staff.  He had his security clearance taken from him but still joins Trump in high level meetings.  So far, he is the untouchable staff member of the Trump administration.  We all know his alt-right doctrines and his aim of destroying our State Department.  He wants to privatize our armed forces.  He is a force of evil.  Still, he is removed from the Russian investigation and has not lawyered up.  He remains our “secret” president, wielding power and organizing staff wars.  I believe leaks to his Breitbart buddies are part of his agenda also.  His current enemy of the day is McMaster.  He certainly has made clear his desire to have him get the Trump heave-ho.  Bannon is fine playing his under-handed role in the White House.  He now knows better than to get more news coverage than his Donald.   McMaster is cleaning out Bannon’s dirty house of reprehensible characters, but Bannon remains.  Bannon even pulls his fangs out on Jar-Jar, the president’s pet, but sill Bannon remains.  Bannon and his alt-right have the “goods” on Trump and that Breitbart army will come to Bannon’s defense in no time flat.  Bannon is conducting yet another war within the White House Walls trying to take out McMaster.   This time he  may just shot himself in the foot.  If he takes on one General, he will be taking on three generals all fed up with his underhanded schemes.  Untouchable he has been up to now but I see his season coming to a close.  We will all be better for it when Bannon is the one finally banished.  Generals, do what needs to be done.


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