Are We Having Fun Yet?

So, how are you liking the working vacation so far?  Is it hot enough for you?  Do you feel rested, safe and secure?  We all have the same answer—NO!  This president can not be left alone.  He is surrounded in Bedminister by the weakest members of his team.  All yes men or yes Daddy.  Tweeting trash with crossed arms, his favorite bully pose, is no way to respond to Kim Jong Un.  Previous presidents have all known this and acted accordingly.  Not this president.  He has unleashed fear that no knows no bounds here at home and abroad.  Why?   Because he is a stupid bully and incapable of leading this country.  He is the master of chaos, however, and uses that as a weapon too when he chooses, mainly when the Russian probe gets closer to home.  Trump can not control himself and neither can any one else.  He now has Jared, Ivanka,  and Kellyanne in his midst in Bedminister.   They are a great help with his “how I spent my summer vacation” chronicles.  He has put the world at further risk with his big mouth and his little brain.  I give Rex Tillerson until Christmas to keep putting out these fires.  Tillerson’s greatest threat to his endeavors as Secretary of State is his own boss.  Trump should not be let loose this long.  It is too dangerous.  We don’t want him in the White House but he is more lethal out of it.  We are only a few days into this vacation and havoc reigns.  Trump loves to threaten everyone, from golf club members to Kim Jong Un.  We are now on bully to bully status, with millions of people at risk because of the egos of two very reckless men.  Maybe it is better for all of us if Trump just plays golf.  Dealing with nuclear power is way out of his league.  This presidential vacation is downright frightening.  Loose lips sink ships and now very possibly launch rocket missiles.  Mr. Trump, your vacation is hazardous.  Time on your hands means more tweet time for you.  Read that “happy” brief you have requested making up good news for you to read twice daily.  Maybe you do not drink, Mr. President, but I surely needed a stiff one after your “fire and fury” stance.  Never did I think I wanted you back in Washington but this vacation is no respite for the American people.  Just headr John Kelly IS with the President.  He had no clue as to Trump’s fire and fury threat.  Yikes, make it a double…


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