The Family Tree and Other Bananas

More Trumps!  More nepotism!  More inexperienced family members trying to run our country.  Melania and Lara are now joining the other  do-nothings in Trump’s inner circle.  Bannon must be loving that!  We know of his respect for women.   Melania is attending the opium crisis briefing.  Married to a bully, she certainly can not crusade on that platform.  I thought Jar-Jar was going to handle that all by himself, just like peace in The Middle East.  Melania, find and do your own thing and be your own person instead of being your husband’s puppet.  This opium thing is out of your league and certainly your expertise.  Leave it to the professionals.  How about you work for children in need?  Get those lunches back they so desperately need.  Help their problems with literacy.  Telling a story will not do it.  Go, do something useful, Melania.  Attending a briefing in a mansion about something you know nothing about does not cut it.  That brings me to Lara, Eric’s wife.  Trump TV is her venue and it is a whole lot like Russian TV.  She waxes poetic over Daddy In Law and skips entirely over his lack of any accomplishments.  The TV venture is more like state-run TV and it hopes to brainwash as many people as possible.  So, we add Lara to the mix of misfits in the would-be royal family “trying” to take over our minds, our hearts and our country.  No more Trumps, please!  We did not elect them and we do not want them in our faces.  They could do so much good but they prefer to just pocket money anywhere and anyhow.  We can turn off Trump TV.  Melania will slink back to her designers.  Jar Jar will be busy with lawyers and testifying.  Don Jr is already banished.  Eric can have his little tantrums and then go off and manage the golf courses where members are suing for fees due to them.  Ivanka will continue to whine about how hard it is in Washington as she continues to do nothing.  Yep, that is the menagerie  of Trumps before us.  Daddy Trump plays golf, takes extended vacations and tweets on the very dangerous topic of North Korea.  Those Trumps don’t fall far from the Trump Tree.  Useless fruit all of them.


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