Cool Cat in Bedminster

The President high tailed it out of town.  He was not going to be hot in the White House.  There is no climate change going on says he, but days without air conditioning he cannot do, no matter what crisis may be at hand.  We have had record temperatures and record storms.  All this he ignores.  A few days without air conditioning though and runs to his mansion does he.  Many are suffering from the effects of climate change and it is only going to get worse as our president ignores all the facts.  Scientists warn and warn but Trump thinks only dollar signs.  Al Gore certainly found that out.  There is no negotiating on this point with Trump, but a little discomfort comes his way and he heads to cooler territory.  Well, Mr. President, we are all hot and getting hotter.  You have ignored every single issue that affects the American people from climate change to health care.  You are a disgrace and we are ashamed to have you as our president.  Climate change is real.  You are a phony.  Your transcribed calls to the Mexican president surely confirmed that.  New cooling and heating systems will be installed in the West Wing to keep you comfy and cozy as you watch Fox News and tweet and further deny the reality of climate change.  This is all par for the course, after all golf has been your main occupation, not passing legislation for the good of the American people.  Your course is the golf course not the course of scientific findings.  Your scores are low and going lower.  Our climate is changing drastically.  You, Mr. President, can run to your air conditioned mansion but the heat on you remains.  You may not be sweating like the rest of us for now, but change is in the air and, in this instance, I am not talking about climate change.  I hear Mr. Mueller’s office is quite hot also.





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