The Lazy Crazy Days of Donald Trump’s Summer

Certainly on day 200 of his reign finding Donald Trump at one of his golf course properties is no surprise.  The golfer-in-chief is keeping this title in tact, even as he has  accomplished nothing in the Oval Office.  Seventeen days he will be “working” from his New Jersey golf club.  To start he has played golf and visited the paying guests at his golf club.  Not to worry.  Pounce Pence is pouncing on every opportunity to be our next president.  Ever the perfect specimen of the Republican party, he always plays the “Trump” card to perfection and to his own advantage.  We all know, however, just what he is about.  Distance from Trump and distance from that messy Russian problem takes Pence to far off journeys.  It is working.  He looks more presidential that our golfer in New Jersey.  This is very dangerous to the preacher Vice President.  No one out-trumps Trump.  This scenario we will watch unfold in the days ahead.  I think you will find Pence’s penchant for pouncing will be very much punctuated by Donald Trump.  Donald Trump has seventeen days on his own.  This is new territory for us.  It surely does make me apprehensive.   He is capable of anything and, with too much time on his hands, August can become hotter than ever before.  Are his children with him in New Jersey?   If so, they can then all meet with their lawyers.  Bannon will stay in Washington and try to get Stephen Miller in as the next communications director.  Bannon slowly but surely is getting his alt-righters in all the key positions.  It is news that General Kelly now conducts staff meetings in The Roosevelt Room without TV’s on!  It is news that the Oval Office door is closed to anyone who now wants to waltz in and out.  It is news that Ivanka and Jared can not take up the President’s time with their agendas.  That this is news and that this is what a Four-Star General has to spend his time on is downright pathetic.  So, here we are at the 200 day mark of President Trump and it is a sorry sight, both domestically and internationally.  We have a President who is un-presidential.  A Vice President who acts presidential.  We have an unofficial president in Bannon.  We have dead bodies of fired staff everywhere.  New appointees look scarier than those fired.  We have a Special Council looking into voter hacking and worse.  We have inexperienced and lying family members playing at politics.  We have a health insurance debacle with no solution beneficial to the American people in sight.  We have no commitment to climate change.  Our State Department is sorely understaffed.  Our country isn’t having much of a vacation.  Neither is Bob Mueller and his staff.  We will continue to work, as will Mueller and the press to get our world back.   “It’s a Grand Night for Singing” though as those Grand Juries get busy.   May you think about that, Mr. President, during your many days off.


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