Quiet Before The Storm

What a lovely and quiet weekend it has been.  Very retrospective with the Watergate anniversary but otherwise it was like life as we knew it pre-Trump.  I savored every moment of it and caught up with other news and even those tropical storms brewing out at sea.  I felt calm.  That is, except when I delved too deeply in the “quiet”.  Quiet never scared me before, but now I get anxious and think to myself “what is Trump up to now”!  This is Trump’s first weekend away where he is not in a Trump property.  I have encouraged in my writings since the  Chinese visit to Mar-a-Lago that he consider Camp David as a refuge.  Certainly not his style but maybe a rustic change would slow down his Twitter finger.  It, so far on this Sunday, seems to be true.  Maybe he is hiking, or biking or practicing his putt on the green lawns of the camp.  I’d like to think he is reading ALL of that oh so secret health care plan that none of the rest of us know anything about.  Is Melania doing aerobics on the porch?  Is she planning a cookout for dinner, so opposite those Trump Tower dinners.  My fervent hope is that Barron feels free to do whatever he wants.  Let him run and be free before he returns to his confining existence in DC.  Now back to our Camper-in-Chief.  This writer believes he is doing none of the above.  I believe he watched the Watergate programs just as I did and is now going to be more combative than ever.  It had to strike a chord, those tapes and all.  I also believe that he has been holed up with his personal lawyers all weekend too.  He should be and what better place than out in the woods.  This is the calm before the storm I came to realize.  No languishing in nature for this president.  Litigation, legal strategy and lethal commentary are on the agenda at Camp David.  Beware when Trump is quiet.  Firings usually follow.  A few hours left of the quiet before the helicopter drops our Leader back in Washington.  Until then, this little bit of calm helps fortify one and all against the storms surely ahead.

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