Which “Witch” Is On The Hunt Today

It’s a witch hunt the president declares.  Which witch is it–lying, collusion, obstruction of justice, money laundering?  Lots of witches are out there and, depending on the day, we know not which one witch will be in the forefront.  Adding to the witches are the president’s incriminating tweets and his verbal contradictions, each time telling a different story.  Each day a different target is blamed for what the president himself has done to himself.  It is never his fault.  Nothing, at no time.  Nothing is further from the truth, but truth and Trump never go hand in hand, only  which witch hunt will be next remains.  I now believe Rothenstein will be his next target.  The Hillary reason for firing Comey just did not cut it.  Rothenstein will bear the brunt of that.   Sessions we already know has been a puppet from day one.  Puppets, witches, scapegoats,rats, and chickens are all part of this administration.  It is a menagerie.  We do have a GOOD witch finally; namely, Robert Mueller, with a broom large enough to sweep clean the Oval Office.  So, which witch would you choose?

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