All This President’s Men

They come and they go.  The are front and center and then they are banished.  Some are fired.   Some return from banishment.  Some are just tortured.  Some are “good guys”.  Some are showboats.  Some write memorandums they do not believe in.  Some have connections to questionable news outlets.  Some spout godliness but now have lawyered up.  Some never answer questions from the press.  Some even think poor is a state of mind.  Some drain funds from our public schools.  Some surely have made some questionable investments.  Some are just plain related and have no barriers to what they do and to whom they speak.  That last someone is Jared Kushner.  Once I was told he would bring peace to The Middle East and he actually went along with that, I knew trouble was ahead.  Indeed, trouble has followed.  Jared is way out of his league.  I give him credit for being a good sneak and having more self esteem than he warrants, but running the country along side this wayward president should never, ever have happened.  Mr. Kushner needs his own PR firm; but, in retrospect, when you never speak, maybe that is downright necessary.  We now have Robert Mueller looking at Jared and his dealing with the Russians.  Seems he is as “forgetful” as Flynn, his good friend,  in listing these occurrences on his security forms.  This writer firmly believes the following.  Donald Trump would only go out on a limb to protect himself and his family.  I believe Flynn and Jared were connected at the hip, Russian style.  That is the reason for Trump’s protection of Flynn.  He needs to save Flynn in order to save Jared and thus hold on to his daughter.  There is still much investigation to play out and the dots (Donald’s appointees) will be connected.  Jared was promised the world by his daddy-in-law and instead  his world is being crushed under some very serious accusations.  All of THIS President’s men pretty much better lawyer up and yet again follow the lead of this president in so doing.  Litigation not legislation is what our country is in for.

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