He Can’t Color Within The Lines

The twit, excuse me Twitterer-In-Chief, just can’t help himself.  He came across as human yesterday with his speech after the baseball field shooting.  Today, he simply is a Twitterer with no control.  He is not capable of staying within the lines of propriety.  He has no control; nor can anyone around him control him.  He is a child.   We continue to be at the receiving end of his child’s play.  It is not getting any better as his tenure moves on.  It is just as vindictive as ever.  Is congress now afraid of this president?  It can be dangerous to go against him.  That, however, is the way things are going up on the Hill.   What was a shining light is now nothing but a would-be monarch endlessly darkening us on twitter.  And, while I am thinking working habits, have you seen his desk in the Oval Office.  It reflects the man.  Nothing on it, almost always empty except for phones (please don’t touch the red button!).   Magazines and newspapers are on it occasionally, but usually it is as empty as his head.  But, he always has that wide screen TV in his dining room to fill the hours he is not on twitter.  It is not a pretty picture this president is coloring.  It is over the line in all directions.  Each day I think he will tear the bad pages out and start anew with clear vision.  Each day, instead, it is scribble on the pages of the lives of the American people.  No staying in the lines for this president.  No work of art coming forth from Donald J. Trump.

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