What Happened To Our Field Of Dreams

The great American pastime was bringing our government representatives together.  What a wonderful thing in itself besides the charitable reason for the practice session.  We all know it turned into tragedy.  It has turned into a day of circumspection.  It is a day to look inward, each and every one of us.  This writer gets upset with the Trump Administration and I relieve that stress by writing.  Often it is critical but never beyond that.  Expressing our frustrations by writing, marching or attending town halls is what our democracy is all about.  However, I feel since this last campaign season and into this new presidency, the violence has been steadily escalating.  So, it is up to each and every one of us to look at ourselves.  What is our stress level regarding politics?  How will we vent our frustrations?  There are so many outlets today to do so.  Use these outlets and vent what is on your mind.  Killing and guns are not the answer to this or to any other problem.  Tone the rhetoric down politicians.  Protest peacefully constituents.  Write to your Senator and Representatives.  No need to kill.  No need to lock anyone up.  No need to throw people out of venues or attack those asking questions.  Pick up your pen, the perfect “weapon” to get politicians’ attention.  We had a mean, mean campaign and this presidency is now fostering a “mean” health bill among other things.  Can we please unite in a peaceful way for the common good of all.  Can the lies stop?  Can the political infighting stop?  It is overflowing into society as we have seen today.  Baseball means freedom and open air and exercise and pure delight.  Each one of us now has to be on the team that brings all that back to us both on the field and off.  We need the triple play of peace, good will and tolerance at home, on the road and in our political system.  That would be a win for us all.

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