Where’s The Beav!

The Beaver Cleaver family it is not.  Not even The Addams family, although I may have to think more about that.  No children should be more ready to face public scrutiny than the three eldest Trump children.  However, they all pout and condemn the public and the press with “unfair” treatment.  Certainly, they did not learn anything about fairness from their father.   Maybe they should just check further with their mom, Ivana.  She has been paid highly to keep her mouth shut, but surely she has given her children the real scoop on dear old Dad.  He was never there when they were growing up, as is the case with Barron to date.  Tiffany, stay away and go to school.  He treated your Mom horribly, as he does all women.  It is Princess Ivanka who takes the most camera time to bemoan the heartless treatment of her and her Daddy.  She actually thought she was going to be the Princess Kate of the USA.  No way.  Royalty she is not.  Married to a shady guy is her lot now.  Live with that, Ivanka.  Your honey bunny met with sanctioned Russian bankers, he backed the firing of Comey and was a cohort of Flynn.  He is very much in the vein of Papa Trump and Daddy Kushner.  Ivanka, that brings us back to you and SNL.  You simply are a well dressed complicit accomplice in your West Wing office.  You grew up seeing your Dad sue every Tom Dick and Harry.  He did not pay his workers.  He cheated on your mother.  You, above all, should be ready for public scrutiny and have the guts and forethought to right the wrongs.  Nope.  You just sing song your woes on FOX News.  Get the hair out of your face, lose the pout and speak fluently as a start.  Then you  might try not concentrating on yourself and think more of the welfare of others.  Look to the lovely young girls that preceded you as First Family, Sasha, Malia, Jenna, Barbara and Chelsea.  None of them had an office but they led (and still do) by example in their own lives and their care for others.  You want to portray the Cleaver Family and yet be treated as royalty.  You, my dear, are a Trump and make out of that what you will.  So far, Wally and the Beav would have nothing to do with you.

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