Nuture in Nature

The President may be getting a “wall” yet!  Not the border wall he was going to build right out of the presidential gate.  This wall is planned for The Palm Beach International Airport.  I think I would wait a bit on this construction.  This president is on shaky ground and this is not a good investment.  As a business man Trump would surely recognize a bad deal when he sees one.  I know Air Force One needs to be parked in a safe place while our president plays golf and entertains at Mar-A-Lago.  However, let us have some of the committees gather more information and let us see how those State Attorney Generals’ law suits go.  There is a lot at stake at the present time and spending millions on this wall can wait.  Wait to see if this president is, indeed, vindicated.  Line up the school buses as you have to date as a barrier.  They work just fine.  We have spent enough on this president’s getaways.  Stock the food shelves for charity organizations, provide housing for the poor.  Let Mr. Trump stay in Washington and may we ban every single wall proposed for and by this president.  Mr President, just stay in Washington and do your job.  This writer has continually wished you would give Camp David a try.  Without the gild and gold you crave, no walls are needed.  Only peace and quiet there and time for reflection and for planning while around nature at its very best.   That, Mr President, no wall can provide.

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